Lastet opp: December 15, 2015

Japan classix. Pudder, ramen, lyd, lys, etc etc(03:14)

Alle barna dro til Hokkaido, forutenom bobilbanden.
De dro til Nozawa og Hakuba.

'' It has as been another amazing season in Nozawa with yet again a crazy amount of snow. Reaching a peak of 470cm Base up top around mid February.
We started with a bang in mid December when we got around 300cm of snow in just 4 days! It was ridiculous; I don't ever remember that much snow so early and my 75-year-old neighbor agreed with me. We had more snow fall in December than January, which does not happen very often!
That pretty much set the tone for the season and we were working hard on the shovels and scraping for the powder planks most of the season. Had more Europeans stay with us this year and they also could not believe how much snow we get. At a few stages through out the season Nozawa was rated as one of the snowiest resorts on the planet! ''
-Some Nozawa Local

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